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Jared Paulo, Instructor

Jared brings an extensive background from the civilian side. He became interested in the shooting sports at age 20. He attended the Ohio Basic Peace Officers Academy in 2008 and served on several different departments before starting his own business in 2010. In 2012, he became an NRA Certified Instructor. Jared has since attended several different workshops including ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’. He has taught hundreds of students the fundamentals of shooting. In 2016, he attended the NRA Training Counselor workshop where he hopes to pass his knowledge, skills and attitude on to future instructors. He is currently one of the 600 active NRA training counselors in the United States.

Jared’s passion for firearms and training reflects his everyday life. Many times you will see him on the range teaching new students, practicing himself or working with the youth.

David Clough,  Instructor

David started shooting at the age of 18 and was instantly hooked.  At 19, he joined the Marine Corps and has had an extensive interest in firearms ever since.  He began shooting for entertainment while running 3 separate successful businesses in construction, locksmithing, and auto repair.  He opened a 4th business more in line with his love of shooting in 2011 called Creekside Custom Gunsmithing.  He has retired from the other businesses, but still continues as a full time gunsmith for Precision Firearms and Training Center.  He obtained his gunsmith certification in 2010 and has really found his true calling.

David is also a NRA firearms instructor and has completed the requirements to be a Training Counselor.  He has additional certifications in Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer, Metallic Reloading, Shotshell Reloading, Refuse To Be A Victim, and Personal Protection In The Home.
Further David brings a unique talent to Precision in that he holds a Class 7 Manufacturer’s Federal Firearms License with the ability to manufacture Class 3 firearms. (Full Auto, Suppressors, and Short Barrelled Firearms).
David’s all around knowledge make him an excellent addition to the Precision team.