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We offer a variety of options to suit every students needs when it comes to firearms safety and training. Below are some of are most popular packages. Please contact us if you don’t see a package that fits your needs!

Packages Offered

OPOTA and NRA Concealed Carry Pistol Classes

Classes are taught by instructors certified from the NRA. This is a 10 hour course that teaches the safety and fundamentals of basic pistol shooting.

This class also covers Ohio law and which states honor Ohio Reciprocity. We have state of the art training materials to help students bring succeed. We will work with students to get them comfortable with firearms.

Safety is our number one concern in this class. Students may use SAFE and RELIABLE semi automatic pistols or revolvers. Each student should bring 100 rounds of new, factory sealed ammunition made for their firearm.

If the student does not own a firearm, one will be available for use ($15 rental fee to cover cost of cleaning) and will be required to purchase ammunition in the class unless otherwise approved prior.

Cost for this course $125

Defensive Pistol 101

In defensive pistol 101 we take you beyond the basic concealed carry class requirements by the state. The fist block of instruction is in the classroom refamiliarizing the fundamentals of marksmanship. Then, the student will be introduced to drawing, multiple round engagements, reloads, shot placement, basic use of cover and concealment, and malfunction drills. The increase in cost for this course is based on the additional range time necessary to complete these skills.

Prerequisites: To take this class you must have either been a student in one of our previous concealed carry classes or hold a current concealed carry permit.

Minimum Required Equipment: You will need a holster. (no shoulder or hip draw), a magaizine pouch, 250 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, and clothing appropriate for the weather. No open shoes. (sandals or flip flops)

Cost for this course $200

AR-15 / Carbine 101

The number of AR-15 purchases has grown exponentially in the past several years. In this class the student will start out by learning the basics of this system. They will learn how to take apart and properly maintain the system. They will also learn the proper shooting fundamentals with regards to shooting this platform. Some of the rifle fundamentals do cross over but a lot of things have been adapted so they are much better suited to this platform. Then we will take the student to the range where we will learn how to properly sight in the rifle. Further instruction will include; presentation onto target, single and multiple round engagements, reloading, malfunctions, and basic understanding of ballistics.

Prerequisites: The student must possess a valid concealed carry permit or have taken the concealed carry course.

Minimum Required Equipment: The student must possess a semi automatic carbine of either the AR-15, mini-14, or AK variant. 3 Quality magazines, a sling for the rifle, preferably a single, 2 point, or 3 point style shooting sling designed to hold the rifle in a position ready to be used. 200 rounds of ammunition. A cleaning kit designed for their particular rifle and caliber.

Cost for this course is $200

NRA Refuse to Be a Victim


The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid becoming a victim.

Seminars are held across the nation and are open to men and women of all ages. Today, hundreds of federal, state and local law enforcement officials from across the nation utilize this popular program in their crime prevention and community policing initiatives. Corporations, educational institutions and community centers have also adopted the program.

All told, more than 100,000 people have benefited from these seminars.

Eddie Eagle Program

Eddie Eagle Program


The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program that seeks to help parents, law enforcement, community groups and educators navigate a topic paramount to our children’s safety.

Eddie and his Wing Team are on a mission to help you teach Pre-K through 4th graders what to do if they ever come across a gun.

Call for Pricing

We will also be offering future advanced handgun, basic and advanced carbine, and basic and advanced scoped rifle classes. Please call for more details!